Teaching Through Cognitive Sciences - Neuroscience and Learning - kevin tembouret

Teaching Through Cognitive Sciences - Neuroscience and Learning

By kevin tembouret

  • Release Date: 2019-08-22
  • Genre: Psychologie
  • Size: 139.03 KB

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Good teaching requires many qualities and skills: being attentive, developing attention, creating motivation, etc.

Through cognitive science, we understand how a learner's memory works and how to train them qualitatively. The teacher adapts to the learners and the learners participate in the development of the teaching.

Through this book dedicated to learning through cognitive science, we will see together how memorization works. We will discuss the different memories that exist in each of us and how to work with them. You will discover the levers that will help you to offer a teaching focused on success through the implementation of fundamentals, a teaching spaced over time and constant reminders although differentiated according to the learners.

Once you have assimilated this book, you will be able to offer courses by adapting your teaching method to the cognitive sciences or by creating it directly. You will understand how your learners (students, apprentices, students...) work and how to help them achieve the goal of your training.